I SERVE U (7-Point Agenda)



= Inclusive and Strategic Institutional Vision, Mission and Goals;

S = Synergistic Campus Amalgamation and Typology of Course Offerings;

E = Expansion and Strengthening of Research and Technology Development in Agriculture, Agro-forestry, Biodiversity, Fisheries, Coastal Resource Management, Engineering, Industrial Technology, Educational Management, Business Management and related fields;

R = Resource Generation through IGPs, Networking and International Linkages;

V = Vigorous Faculty and Staff Development Program Through Massive Trainings and Scholarships for Advanced Degrees;

E = Extension, Community Outreach and Technology Transfer Towards Job Creation, Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development and Climate Change Mitigation;

U = Upgrading and Computerization of Administrative and Financial Services and Modernization of Classrooms, Physical Facilities, Laboratories, Libraries, ICT Equipment, Sports and Recreational Facilities