CORNELIO C. GARCIA, Ph. D. – University President

ROY N. VILLALOBOS, VP-Administration & Finance/Head, HRMO
JESSIE S. ECHAURE, VP-Academic & Student Affairs
ELIZABETH N. FARIN, VP-Research, Extension, Training, Production & Gender

PRESY A. ANTONIO, University/Board Secretary
ZENVI ANN M. MACALINAO, Assistant to the University/Board Secretary
JOVENCIO M. MARQUEZ, JR. , Acting Executive Assistant
NOVRINA BIGILDA A. ORGE, Acting PA – Operations Management/ Acting Director, Instructiona
THELMA Q. MEER, PA-Cultural Affairs & Curriculum Development
PROF. FEDERICO R. GANADEN, Acting PA- Energy Management
DYNA C. ESCOBAR, PA-Health, Environment & Disaster Management
DAIMEL D. DELOS REYES, PA-Public Relations & Information
JOSE D. DOCUYANAN, Chief Administrative Officer
FELIPA M. RICO, Director, International Linkages
ENGR. JERRY S. CRISTOBAL, Planning Director
ROBERTO C. BRIONES JR., University Accountant/Director, Internal Audit Services
ESMEN M. CABAL, Director, Quality Assurance