Accomplishment of ESGP-PA Scholars from 2014-2018

  • 116 student-grantees are graduated out of 166 student grantees
  • Two (2) Licensed Examination Teacher (LET) passers
  • One (1) Licensed Civil Engineer
  • 59 student-grantees are qualified as continuing ESGP-PA grantees for the AY 2018-2019


      In addition, a student grantee shall be entitled to a maximum of Sixty Thousand Pesos (Php60,000.00) as grant per academic year or Thirty Thousand Pesos (Php30,000.00) as grant per semester. The grant is intended to cover the cost for tuition fees, academic and extracurricular expenses, purchase of text books and other valid related education expenses.

Particular Unit Cost (Php) Total Cost/Year (Php)
1. Tuition Fee Allotment P 10,000.00 P 20,000.00
2. Textbook/other Learning Materials P 2,500.00 P 5,000.00
3. Stipend P 3,500.00/mos. X 10mos. P 35,000.00
                                                             TOTAL P 60,000.00